What Are The Best Nootropics For Depression?

Many people are seeking a way to deal with depression without resorting to pharmaceutical medications that have a series of serious side-effects that are often worse than the condition itself. Some of these side effects even include thoughts of suicide, hives, itching, rashes and worse. Not something a person struggling with depression should even have to worry about.

Nootropics are nutritional supplements and foods that are a combination of man-made chemicals and supplements that will enhance the cognitive benefits that the brain handles.

The phrase was coined by Dr. Cornelius E. Giugea. He had 5 criteria in which a supplement had to fall in order to fall under the umbrella term of nootropics.

  • The first of these was that the supplement had to enhance the memory and improve the person’s ability to learn.
  • Second, the substance had to help the brain to work right regardless of the situation that caused the depression in the first place.
  • Thirdly, the product had to help protect the brain from anticholinergic drugs as well as barbiturates.
  • Fourth, the product must help to improve and increase the ability of the neuronal firing controls in the cortical and subcortical portions of the brain.
  • Lastly, the product should have absolutely no known side effects and it should be non-toxic.

The best pre-built nootropic stacks are typically used as more cognitive enhancers. They are utilized to improve and stabilize moods, help a person improve their focus and memory functions and to raise their energy levels. When the brain is functioning properly, the rest of the life will work more smoothly.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea has long been touted as an all natural form of Prozac. It works well as a mental and physical mood booster and energizer. If you’re under a lot of stress, it will help you to better deal with the stress and it will give you more energy when you’re so depressed that you don’t feel like you can even get out of bed. It can protect the brain from unhealthy and negative stress.


You’ll find this wonderful nootropic in green tea. Green tea is a delicious drink that will help you to feel more motivated and healthier. It will relax your body and your mind and help you to improve your mood and lower your stress levels.


In order to function properly, the body requires amino acids. This particular amino acid will improve the cognitive ability and it will help to improve the mood. It will also help you to focus and feel more energized. It works on the brain to help it perform at optimum levels.


There are several nootropics in the “racetam” family. Oxiracetam works to boost the power of the brain and restore both mental and physical abilities.


Perhaps a lesser known racetam, this one is rapidly taking the lead. It works to help improve overall performance and enhance the mood. It can also increase the energy and the cognitive abilities.


The racetam family is very multi-faceted. Aniracetam improves the mood and is more potent than piracetam which is a more common racetam nootropic.


Everyone needs a boost now and then. Pramiracetam works to optimize the brain and boost the energy levels which in turn help to improve the mood. Ideal for when someone is simply burned out and depressed due to work, stress or other reasons. It can be stacked with other racetam nootropics or used alone and works very well either way.

Due to their potency, many are concerned that nootropics may be illegal drugs. The truth is that nootropics are an all natural supplement product and they will work very well to help with depression. They can help the person to refocus their life and reduce stress without overmedicating.

Always consult with a doctor before taking any supplements or read reviews to ensure that they’re not going to interact with other medications. Watch for signs of allergic reactions such as hives, itching, irritability or other symptoms.