Improving Health With Fitness Training



There are two types of people that need to go through fitness training programs: individuals looking to increase their physical fitness, and athletes who need heightened strength and power.

When Fitness Is Your Goal

The keys to building physical fitness are motivation and environment. Without the proper motivation, whether that’s increasing physical ability, weight loss, or overall healthy lifestyle change, most people don’t have goals to continue on with fitness training. Motivation towards a goal keeps a person on a regimen that eventually turns into habit. The habit will create the long-lasting effects when continuously

The other key is environment. Removing distractions is one way to limit the use of willpower, which is a finite resource, but also putting yourself in an environment that encourages working out is another way to get going. Placing workout clothes near your bed when you wake up reduces the resistance to getting them on, and making sure that your gym is close by helps ease the pain of actually going there. Making it as easy as possible to get to your gym is the best thing you can do for keeping you on track for developing these habits.


For Strength and Performance

Begin an athlete takes a lot of work. Athletes are paid enormous amounts of money to perform because they’re constantly training their bodies and honing their skills to be in peak physical shape. Sometimes, an athlete will be running repetitive exercises and they start to plateau. Strength and performance coaches often know how to trick the muscle into thinking it needs to improve it’s speed or strength by using different types of techniques. Coaches can also help reduce risk of injury or heal an injury to original or better condition through different types of physical exercises or conditioning. These types of coaches know how to push an athlete’s body without making them prone to injury based on their experience and studies specifically in that field. While the athlete knows a lot about their body and mind to be in the best shape they can during an event, the coach knows how the body really works and reacts to different stresses, thus helping the athlete increase their performance ceiling.


Whether you’re in it for your health or trying to the best you can be, your results will be greater if you go to a gym and get private training.

Information in this article is credited to DM Athletics, a Kirkland private trainer for individuals and athletes.