Recipe Manager – Your Cooking Companion

A free and easy-to-use Recipe Database Management System to assist you in organizing your recipes and help you in analysing the nutritional values of your meals. It contains large database of ingredients and their nutrient values (over 100 nutrient, micronutrient, mineral and vitamin).
This Software is ideal for any person concern about their health or involve in    Fitness, diet and Nutrition.

Main Features

  • Food and Recipe Database Management.

  • Easy to use with simple navigation system.

  • Add/Modify/Delete  food (ingredients) items.

  • Add/Modify/Delete recipes.

  • Analyze nutrition of your food, recipes and meals.

  • help you stay healthy.

  • Over 6000 Ingredient to customize recipes.

  • over 30 nutrient (micronutrients, minerals and vitamins) values for analysis.

  • Add/Update nutrient values in grams or any other serving units (e.g. packages, spoon… etc).

  • Customise the nutrient list to track specific items and add new nutrients.

  • Search capability with advance features.

  • Categorize Food items by Food Group.

  • Add/Modify/Delete Food Groups.

  • Categorize Recipe by their type or Cuisine.

  • Add/Modify/Delete Recipe Type

  • Add/Modify/Delete Recipe Cuisine.

  • Export Recipe to a file which can be used for email or any other form of exchange.

  • Export to HTML which can be used for publishing on the net or simply for printing (Note you can customize the HTML template to produce page with different look and feel.

  • Import Recipe that has been previously exported by someone else.